Leadership Team

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April O’Connor

  •  TAP President

Email: TAPPres@aol.com

Annemarie Tran

  • Vice President
  • Member Engagement

Email: aTran@taptalk.org

Santiago Rios

  • Secondary Director 9-12

Email: Sng-rios@att.net

Elain Hoffmann

  • Organizing Co-Chair

Email: ElainBHoffmann@gmail.com

Marianna Saade

  •  Secretary

Email: Marisaade19@gmail.com

Jill Van Zant

  • PAC Chair

Email: Jillrenestanoszek@yahoo.com

Ardelia (DeeDee) Aldridge

  • Organizing Co-Chair

Email: Ardelia.aldridge@gmail.com

Heather Van Eede

  • Intermediate Director 6-8

Email: SMrsVaneede@mail.com

Kimberly Goforth

  •  Bargaining Chair

Email: kdGoforth@gmail.com

Leslie Parque

  • Support Staff Director

Email: LParque75@gmail.com

Jennifer Cucchi

  •   Elementary Director 3-5

Email: JandJCucchi@aol.com

Marie Dunn

  •  Treasurer

Email: MarieSDunn@hotmail.com

Leonard Rodriguez

  •  Vice President
  • Insurance Chair

Email: 101leorodriguez@gmail.com

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