Hello, I hope you are enjoying the summer. I wanted to update you on the current grievance. If you recall, we filed a grievance about the district directive for SDC teachers to create an addendum moving ALL their students to a co-taught Gen. Ed. class. This has created much concern with the number of special needs students in class, appropriate placement for student success, impact on gen. ed. students and involuntary teacher assignments.  This is not the outcome we were hoping for but our hands are tied because of the District directed completed addendums.

Here is where we are at:

  • We cannot “un-ring the bell” with completed addendums.  The placement of those students in co-taught classes is moving forward.
  • No additional growth of the program for the upcoming school year will be made by District directive.  We are not against the idea of placing students in a co-taught setting, as long as it is the appropriate placement for that student.
  • The District has stated their commitment to supporting a change of classroom setting if the IEP team deems a student needs to be moved back to a self-contained class.  Case carriers can continue to evaluate their students for proper placement and success at any time during the school year.  The District respects the evaluation of the IEP team and will support changes that are necessary for student success.
  • When school starts, it is important that teachers monitor their rosters for the ratio of gen. ed. students to RSP/SDC students.
  • The grievance is still open. TAP will continue to monitor this process. We want to work with members to make sure the IEP process is being followed properly and provide any needed support.  It is important that teachers keep us informed immediately of any issues or questions that arise.
Attached is an article that was shared with the District about our concerns and the Special Ed Director’s response. Clearly, there are some discrepancies between member’s reality and what the District views is reality.
Keep an eye on your email.  We would like to have a meeting with SDC teachers after the school year gets going to get clarification on what is happening.
Thank you,
April O’Connor, President 
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